Namish and helly dating

The actor is dating aanchal sharma for the past six years namish taneja's real-life love story is more romantic than the daily soaps he has.

Helly shah (born 7 january 1996) is an indian television actress she began her acting career 2016, shah was portraying the role of swara in swaragini opposite varun kapoor, tejaswi prakash wayangankar and namish taneja.

Varun kapoor on dating helly shah: i am a married man earlier, swara was paired with lakshya (namish taneja) but most of fans don't. Helly shah aur tejaswi prakash wayangakar tejaswi,helly and namish tejaswi_prakash: what a wonderful feelingg date selfies ragini to be jailed in .

Swaragini's namish taneja has been linked to helly shah, tejaswi prakash wayagankar and more recently, kanchi singh exasperated, the.

Namish and helly dating

Recently, there were rumours of namish dating kanchi singh the actor was also linked to the lead actresses of the show, helly shah (swara).

Namish taneja aka lakshya has finally found love 'swaragini' with helly shah , tejasswi prakash and varun kapoor he is dating a girl named aanchal sharma and she is currently studying to be company secretariat. Recently reports of him dating kanchi singh had also emerged he was also linked to his swaragini co-stars helly shah (swara) and tejaswi.

Namish and helly dating
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